FAQ’s for myControl.aero

Q: What is the price for the annual subscription?

A: See Plans & Pricing. Thank you for supporting the further development of myControl.aero. Send us a copy of of your student licence if you want to apply for a free student subscription.

Q: Why do I have to pay for the annual subscription?

A: myControl offers you a professional service. The development of the application and its operation costs money. Other free services often charge you a hidden price by selling your data or annoying you with advertisement. We don’t!

With your support we continue working hard to make myControl.aero the best tool for you!

Q: What do I risk if my records are still on paper?

A: There are many good reasons to manage your flights in digital form.

  1. Paper logbooks are prone to loss by theft, fire, carelessness, flood and other causes.
  2. Paper logbooks almost always contain summation errors, since it is statistically almost impossible to correctly total page after page manually, no matter how careful you are.
  3. Paper logbooks are a pain to use when you need to total PIC time, night time, complex time, multi-engine time, or any of thousands of other combinations of parameters.
  4. Keeping records on paper is a manual process that costs you valuable time.
  5. Flight times, airports and remarks entered in paper logbooks are often illegible, even if you originally entered them yourself!

Q: Can I record my flights in digital form (online) only?

A: Every pilot is obliged to carry a hardcopy of his myControl.aero as evidence of his aeronautical activities. You need to export and print out your flights from myControl.aero. You can do that easily under the Section “Flights” -> Export to PDF.

Q: Will my flights be published or visible to other users?

A: Your flights are visible to you only. myControl.aero is compliant with all common private policy rules. No personal data will be forwarded to third parties. Furthermore your data is transmitted via a secure SSL connection.

Q: Which browsers are recommended?

A: All commonly used browsers are supported. We recommend Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Q: Can I access your airports, aircrafts and aircraft types database?

A: All the data is freely available:

  1. Human-friendly at aicraft types, aircrafts and airports.
  2. Machine-friendly as JSON through the API, have a look at the API documentation or jump straight into the aicraft types data, aircraft data or airports data with your browser!

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